Saving money

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Every dollar saved is worth more in the future (if invested at a decent rate).  Especially so for technology products. I was wondering whether to exchange my Galaxy S3 for a new phone this year, but I decided not to since it fulfills my needs and is fast enough. Technology is likely to improve and I can get a better phone for the same amount of money in the future.

How do I save money for my daily necessities?

I cycle to work everyday, rain or shine. Upfront cost: ~$200 (bicycle, rain wear,). Upkeep: <$50/yr
If I took public transport, it would be about $600/yr. Let's not even talk about cars...
I think a reasonable travelling time for cycling to work is about 1h 15mins. That would be about 10km. So probably the only place too far for me would be Jurong or Choa Chu Kang area. Of course, the further the distance the less incentive to cycle because public transport gets cheaper.

Cutting my own hair, I save about $10 a month. Cutting a similar hairstyle every month yourself isn't difficult. You can also ask your hairdresser for tips.

Learn to sew. You can save a few of your bags/clothes that way.

I don't really save much on food. Fortunately I work in a heartland area so my meals cost about $3 on average. If I really wanted to save money, I would make my own lunch but it would probably save only a dollar or two? Not worth it in my opinion. A tip though -- never buy beverages. Drink plain water. (I buy packed juices once in a while to satisfy my craving, though)

I don't know why people pay so much for entertainment. Movies, for example. Is sitting there to rot that fun? It's true, the best things are free. And my hobbies don't require much money. 1. I love nature and Singapore is full of parks and reservers, believe it or not. 2. Books. Our libraries are damn good. Seriously.

The money saved isn't that much, but I don't earn much so it's quite significant. I hope to earn more in the future so I can worry less about saving too aggressively.


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