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I've just started on my investing journey after (finally) graduating and starting my career. Not knowing what to do with my money, I decided to top up my CPF account with about $10k. A year later, I realised that stocks and bonds would be the way to go. I guess topping up the CPF account was a mistake? Since I can only get the money in 30 years time (and not even all of it). At least there is tax relief and a "risk-free" interest rate of 5% (I moved all the $$$ to the special account). Well, a small mistake considering I'm still young.

Currently, I have an trading account with SCB. It was the easiest to open, and probably the cheapest for small-time investors like me. No CDP account required (but there's risk in the external custodian) and no minimum fees.

So far I've bought the STI ETF and some REITs. Will talk more about my portfolio another time.

The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything. -Theodore Roosevelt


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